macOS 如何关闭自启动的后台服务进程

删除如下三个目录中的 .plist 文件,或转移到一个备份文件夹里。 ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ ~/Library/LaunchDaemons/ Quote from OS to automatically run and re-launch headless background processes. There are at minimum three such folders on macOS. They are: /Library/LaunchAgents, ~/Library/LaunchAgents/, and /Library/LaunchDaemons

Python 删除文件夹

pathlib.Path.unlink() removes a file or symbolic link. 删除单个文件或文件符号链接 os.rmdir() 或 pathlib.Path.rmdir() removes an empty directory. 删除一个空文件夹 os.removedirs() remove recursive empty directories 删除多层的空文件夹 shutil.rmtree() deletes a directory and all its contents. 删除文件夹,包括其中所有子

Python ed25519 to curve25519

使用 PyNaCl 这个库:pip install PyNaCl import nacl.bindings # ed25519 to curve25519 curve25519_key = nacl.bindings.crypto_sign_ed25519_sk_to_curve25519(private_key) # scalar multiplication: curve25519_key * public pin_key = nacl.bindings.crypto_scalarmult(curve25519_key, pin_token_bytes)

macOS 取色器拾色器

自动自带的 “Digital Color Meter” 鼠标移到要取的颜色上,再按 Shift + Command + C 就可以复制十六进制颜色值到剪切板 Pixeur 免费。用起来更方便和舒适。